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The Best Scenery in America

 When most people read the title above they hear, "What is my favorite national park?" Well, there is no accounting for taste. 

In fact, national parks are not beautiful at all -- and remember, you read that here! They are merely freakishly big, vertical, or red.

"Beautiful" means variety, balance, harmony, and utility: the color green, productive agriculture, soft hills with womanly curves, spirited creeks, barns, wildlife and herds of domestic stock, not many people, and trees. A few rocks are tolerable. And that is what you see in the Palouse of eastern Washington, especially near its border with forest land.

Driving through this land on a semi-rainy day, I lusted for a drone to photograph it. The three-dimensionality might get washed out if photographed from the highway. Sunrise or sunset, and partly stormy skies!

from openstreetmaps

I managed to camp in the national forest near Moscow, ID with my first ATT signal, as a newbie customer. Idaho actually puts gravel on their forest roads, so the rain didn't render me immobile. Good grief, I wore a light rain jacket and a baseball hat instead of my canonical Henschel Australian Breezer.


Yep the Palouse was another favorite place for me in the summer. My frequent nearby meandering area was all over Hells' canyon. If your rig could handle the dirt roads in the back country then you could find yourself in some beautiful isolated country. Lots of great memories of that five years of my life.
Barney, Hells Canyon, eh? I only drove to the bottom once. Might be too warm, soon. I would like to knock around the Wallowas, too. Have to accept an indirect and long route to get there.