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North Early, South Late

 Isn't it something how a long-time full-time RVer can still feel a lump in their throat when they head north in spring or south in winter! It quite amazes me. It is proof that a camper like that is doing something right.

This summer will be different for me. I have decided not to campground host in Colorado, because the camping situation in that state has become hectic and congested. In fact I will try to avoid the state altogether except for some fringe areas that aren't popular with the masses.

Which is prettier: Idaho or Iowa? Foolish question? Not really. During the fire season you can't really see Idaho -- there is no point in being there. I have decided to avoid the northwestern states during their wildfire season, 15 July -- 30 September. For the first time in many years I am going to the Northwest early in the summer --- like right now!

In late July I will head south and hopefully find some monsoonal rain. The southwestern states are already having fires and smoky air.

This schedule seems counter-intuitive and unnatural to me. But it is time to admit that fire and smoke aren't just secondary considerations. 


Yep it is the year of big travel changes. After 14 years of full time running the same general areas at the same times each year, several( none bad) family situations have evolved and this year is a whole new ball game for travel. I am having a hard time deciding where and why for destinations. Good luck with your new situation.
Ed said…
I have also selected a new for me summer camp. It is slightly higher in elevation from where I was last summer so maybe 2-3 degrees cooler.
In a less populated area which has its advantages and disadvantages. In a Park that I thought would be filled with tourist. However, my impression so far is that there are a lot of 'folks' like me here.
Anonymous said…
It seems like you're willing to splurge on gas this season. If that's the case, it's easy to move around Idaho, or any of the NW states, and still avoid smoke. There's always a clear sky somewhere!
Anonymous, I don't see how find clear sky when large fires in CA blow into ID and smear out. It seems like trying to avoid a general cold front in the winter: you can't move 50 miles and expect it to do any good.
Anonymous said…
Of course 50 miles generally won't do it. I'm talking about a one day drive of a couple hundred miles or more. We can't stand smoke. If we have to, we hook up and move. ID, MT, WY, (even parts of OR and WA) offer a lot of space to find clean air when you want to. It's not too hard to find smoke free areas for a week or two at a time in even the worst fire seasons.