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Escaping the Oppression of the Desert

It is hard to believe but when Q.t.𝞹 runs across the lawn, her feet come back soggy. The air feels so medicinal, moist, and gentle compared to that horrible dry air in the south. Water flows in the arroyos around here! I am just loving escaping the desert Southwest. For the rest of my life I will come north in the summer.

But let's not oversell the Northwest. By mid-July, temperatures will be Phoenix-like, and you won't even be able to see the forests and mountains with all the forest fire smoke. The forests up here are just fuel bombs waiting for a match.

This area has two summers. Early summer is wonderful. Late summer is ghastly.


When I lived and worked in the Richland Washington area for five years, We usually went up to along the Canadian border mountains in late July through August and it was nice there. Lots of great biking trails up there.
We'll keep our fingers crossed that you won't suffer too much through this summer.
Be Safe and Enjoy the change of scenery.

It's about time.