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How Much Will Nato-stan Take?

It is not satisfactory enough to keep saying 'I am astonished!' about events in the world today. Something better is needed.

How much suffering will "Nato-stan" go through for such a dubious cause? But this won't be the first time that Rulers have been willing to virtually commit the suicide of their nation. I actually benefit by reading about some of the suicide-attempts of the past, if you are willing to admit that making sense of the world is a benefit.

What suffering the average peasant is willing to go through just because they are afraid of their mighty Rulers! It is easy to explain. Rulers are a rather compact, semi-united nucleus of power, whereas the peasants are disunited.

In olden times it was the churchmen who were screaming God, God!, GOD! at the masses, thus keeping them in line. And the King was appointed by GOD ALMIGHTY, so you'd better be willing to die for the king.

Today it is the Media that brainwashes the peasants. Slogans such as Freedom, Democracy, and Security have taken the place of religious superstitions. 

In fact, the eastern part of Nato-stan (Europe) is doing something analogous to its Crusades of 900-700 years ago: appealing to martial excitement, tribal fury, fear, and the Holy Faith.

Today the Holy Faith is the Green religion rather than Catholicism. I wouldn't be surprised if the European peasants are so subservient to their Bureaucratic Elites and the Green Religion that they put up with quite a bit of privation, before a rival Elite sees the vulnerability of the regnant Elites, and moves in to supplant them.



Remembering a sweetheart, 3 years ago:

Snowy camp in Colorado, in May. She rather liked the snow.