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Camping Can Be a Game of Inches

 Interstate highways can mess up the road system that really matters: the dirt roads of the backcountry. So they put tunnels under the interstate highway to let vehicles cross under. I have always avoided these tunnels in the past. I didn't want an unpleasant surprise.

But in this case I knew somebody and their rig that made it through the tunnel successfully. Still, I walked the tunnel first.

The photo barely shows the top-line of the trailer behind the van. The trailer is about a foot and a half higher than the van. I had to remove its internet antenna.

Anyway, for the first trip through a tunnel, it was kinda' fun. And let's not forget that tunnels screen out big rigs, especially toy-haulers! 


CarlGeo said…
Those tunnels were built primarily for livestock and wild animals access either side of freeways, not vehicular traffic. However, if you fit, use it!
That's right, CarlGeo, they probably had the critters in mind when they built these tunnels.