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Her First Moose!

 It is funny how some geographical features seem interesting despite being less than spectacular, visually. Arroyos in the Southwest are a great example of that.

Here in the Northwest, river estuaries are interesting. As the river debouches into a lake, you sometimes get shallow lakes -- almost wetlands. It is a great place for wildlife.

I was thinking about that this morning when a moose calmly walked along the shoreline, no more than 50 yards away from me. Q.t.𝞹 was in the van with me. Finally she saw the moose.

Surprisingly her reaction was mild.


Most times a pet's reaction to things such as different animals or storms reflect those of their owners. If you remain calm so will they. If you over react that will become their norm.
Be Safe and Enjoy the adventures.

It's about time.
Rick and Kathy, yes, I have noticed what you said for me talking to other owners. Once everybody's dog hears the the humans being friendly, the dogs will be friendly, too.