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Coming Clean on My Arizona Bad-mouthing

Long-suffering readers probably suspect that much of the bad-mouthing about Arizona on this blog is due to a specific problem. Drought. It really affects me, and it should. Otherwise I would just be a tourist who thinks it is all nicey-poo that skies are dry and blue.

Seriously the essence of reality in this part of the world is the dark drama of drought. Whether or not I do a good job of imparting that to the reader, it is right to try.

But now that we've had a Noah-like 0.13" of rain, I feel cleansed and reborn. And getting back on the road helps. Almost immediately my dog was as enthusiastic as a pup and my camera was fluttering its eyelashes, in the Tombstone area.



Good timing on this post. Until I read it I was thinking of staying another month here in North Alabama. Now I roll Thursday to somewhere.......
Barney, I am not sure how to interpret that comment. I guess you had a case of hitch itch, too.
Steve said…
The Tombstone area is great. Enjoy your stay.
Thanks Steve. It was great to enjoy your Sierra Vista hospitality yesterday.