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Let No Crisis Go To "Waste"

 It is pointless to discuss virus stuff because the whole thing is hopelessly politicized. By the time somebody says three words about masks, vaccines, etc., you know what side of the partisan divide they are on, and you might as well save your breath.

But here is a topic that partly escapes that syndrome. Recall the 911 tragedy and the uses it was put to. I am happy to say that I was not completely taken in: it was used to justify policies that the powers-that-be were always in favor of, but were waiting for the right opportunity.

That is one way to look at virus policies. Look at the size and expense of this sign, paid for by the public in a small town. Quite ridiculous.


This seems like the perfect opportunity to skimp on public services. Every park, every business has always wanted to eliminate trashcans, restrooms, free condiments, and customers with their own cups for a cheap coffee refill, etc. And now they have their chance.

Maybe society should stop being so hung-up about feces and urine; isn't the word 'natural' usually a term of approval?

So why the puritanism and Victorianism about bodily functions? It is time to make it legal to perform necessary biological functions in public, on the street. And littering should also be legalized.

It is popular in Western countries to ape India: look at all the yoga instructors; people who claim to be Buddhists; New Age metaphysics; and vegetarianism. Why not take care of "it" the way they do in India?

It is time that shitting in porcelain flush toilets in private stalls be seen for what it is: White Privilege.


Anonymous said…
What?!!? Well it was a white guy, Thomas Crapper, that came up with it. (They don't call it the crapper for no reason ;) So since a white guy invented it - it's no good?

We could do like in Nasty Nancy's district & hire a feces clean-up company for the crap all over the sidewalks. Not that it's a good use of her taxpayers money or a solution to the problem.
Not very healthy either. Maybe she wants to bring disease and sickness to her constituants. Less people to be mad about her bad policies or too sick to care.

Let's go backwards to the outhouse. At least it's made of wood. Those too young to know all the stories of these old facilities would probably be happy to go without TP as that must be privelege as well. Not great for cities though. Was it France or Europe in general, back in the day, with the gutters of poo along the roads and perfume in hand to keep from smelling it?

What about Churchill's gold commode? Now that's privelege.

I never commented before but couldn't pass up a shitty subject no one wants to talk about.
Don't have a crappy day!
OK I looked up Thomas Crapper on the internet. Didn't know about him.

During last year, I ran into the closed restroom problem a couple times and was tempted to "go" against the side of the building, like in Mexico. You could get a citation for that, but is that fair? It is the government that is behind the restroom closures.
Anonymous said…
I don't think so. If I owned a business the worst job would proabaly be keeping the restroom clean. This is the perfect opportunity to not let a good crisis go to waste. Close up the toilets so you don't have to clean up after strangers. You should've pooed right next to that expensive sign. Glad to have informed you of Crapper. Pretty funny that's where that term comes from. I don't get why the navy calls it the head.

Sorry if I posted this twice. Couldn't tell if it was accepted for moderation.