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Reviving Sunset and Evening

A couple posts ago I was writing about a wonderful time at sunset. It is a time of the day I had completely lost interest in. Why so?

Many people seem to become lively towards the end of the day. I have never understood "evening people." It seems logical to be tired at the end of the day, and lively at the beginning of the day after hours of rest/sleep. If rest doesn't have that effect, then why do it?


Aristocrats during their era used to stay up all night, doing the things they were interested in: attending soirees, gambling at cards, and pursuing their latest adulterous love affair. The servants were in bed at night, so the aristocrats could run amuck without being seen.

Thus staying up all night became a status symbol. Cities are magnets to talented and ambitious bourgeoisie, who naturally aped the aristocrats.

Actually being a morning person makes a person feel a little odd. Just walk up to any store at opening time -- 10 in the morning, typically -- and you wonder what is going on? 

In pre-virus days, there were things that city people did, many of them at night. What about now and in the future, during the next virus or variant?  Will society shift towards the morning? 

Of course my attitude about morning and evening is only odd in the milieu of the city; a morning orientation is quite common amongst rural people.

Perhaps I have spent too many years in the Southwest, with perfect weather at sunrise. By 10 in the morning, the sun is already starting to oppress, and the damn wind is blowing.

So how does a guy revive an interest in sunset and evenings?   


Ed said…
"So how does a guy revive an interest in sunset and evenings?"

I would say DON'T.

I am a 'morning person' and happy to remain one. I do have a problem with commercial establishment that do not open until 10:00am; that is the middle of the day for me. HA
A year ago, when the virus was still a growth industry, Walmart closed the store at 800 or 830 pm. That was great! One could actually squat there and get a good night's sleep.
Actually I did not say anything about NOT being a morning person: I just want to shift from 99% Sunrise/1% Sunset to 80/20%.