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A Little Night Music

 Rain can be surprisingly loud on the roof of a camper at night, so much so that a camper might have trouble sleeping. I can remember reacting like that, in years past.

But not now, not in this horrible drought. I was deliberately ignoring the weather forecast about showers last night. Why go through the disappointment if you don't have to? And the forecasts are usually worse than wrong -- they are useless.

The very minute I laid down in bed last night, soft steady rain began falling. It sounded so wonderful, healthy, and kind. According to my Pocket Rain Gauge app, we got 0.06" of rain, which "counts." The number might sound small, but every drop soaked in, rather than ran off.

But it might have to satisfy Arizona until the monsoons start in July, if they start.

As an aside, to let you know how desperate a person can get for rain in this barren gawd-forsaken wasteland: I spent a frustrating hour on the internet recently, looking for weather sites that tell you the rainfall accumulation over the last 24 hours. At long last, it seemed like I finally scored.

But then I read the fine print. The "accumulation" was not based on a measurement from an old-fashioned, physical, analog rain gauge. It was based on a computer model that integrates the green blobs on the radar map. There is no hope for this old world of ours!


Ed said…
I base my total rainfall on Weather Underground reporting stations. Some are more reliable than others plus Weather Underground is not the most reliable weather website.

We got a 'big' rain last night.
Ed, I like how Weather Underground gives the local weather station which you can then click on.

I should just start using my own rain gauge: the top part will be a funnel with 100 times the cross sectional area of the small diameter tuber in the bottom. That way I will be able to meaningful readings at accumulations around 0.02".

It seems like most of the rain gauges online are cyootsie-wootsie or made for accumulations of 5 inches!