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Freedom Beyond Open Land

You can't praise autumn too much or too often.  I stepped out of my trailer today and did the usual thing of bracing myself to wince in pain at the Western sun.

Baby kaBLOOnie's first rant against excessive sunlight.  It doesn't seem to bother my siblings.

 But I felt no solar burn against my shirt. (I always cover as much skin as possible with long sleeves and long pants.)

And yet it was 100% sunny.  There was a cool breeze.  I felt mildly euphoric.

There was a sense of freedom to it, even more so than the freedom of open land.  Escaping hot sun is like a compressed spring finally getting a chance to expand.  It is like escaping some long-term horrid disease.

I had to do something to celebrate the occasion.  So I debauched myself by taking an unnecessary drive to town.  Just think: having the freedom to drive your car into town in the middle of the day, and come out of the grocery without finding your dog dead in the car!

What a miracle of nature it is to feel cool, dry air along with bright sunlight!  (Well OK, a half cloudy sky would have even been better.)


Yep keeping the sunlight off the body has been a life long effort my part also. Have fun.
Barney, right now I am disappointed by Walmart. I used to be able to buy cool, cotton, long-sleeve shirts there.

Do you have to buy shirts online?
Not yet because I accidently stocked up at the right time about two years ago. Long sleeve T shirts are wonderful. I will be checking my supply this morning.
I just finished checking Hobby Lobby here in Decatur Al for long sleeve T shirts and they had none at all and not planning on stocking them.
Mark in Kansas said…
Not cheap but these are spectacular.
Mark, I am not a fishing guy, but I'll bet the sun can be brutal reflecting off the water at low angles. So I see why your link designs the garment the way it does. But it is nylon. Sounds hot.