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True Progress, Outdoors

Long-suffering readers know that one of the pinatas (tilde on n) of this blog is the modern deity of Progress. That is not because I'm opposed to progress, but rather, to the Media's misuse of the term. The Media chases freakish novelty obsessively and then calls it progress.

But when I spot true progress, my heart skips a beat. Look at this wonderful umbrella/parasol for a picnic table at the campground. 

 Over at another campsite there is this canopy for dogs?

 I was fluttering my eyelashes over these two things. It almost seems as though the Gringo has finally come to understand that the art of living outdoors is living partially outdoors, and making it adjustable.

Haven't I been preaching that for years? It is such a thankless job being ahead of one's time. 

These two illustrations of true progress show characteristics that it typically has: humble, incremental, concrete, and demonstrable.

In contrast, phony progress is tipped off by grandiose language, vagueness, and abstraction. Somewhere in the background is an intellectual, full of grandiloquence and dreams, and ready to coerce anyone who disagrees with the beauty and sheer brilliance of his Theory. 


Anonymous said…
Oh, another self hating white boy. Pathetic.