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Damsels in Distress

We don't have water at this campground. Three young women came by and asked about water. Their options weren't appealing.

Being an old blowhard, I started going down a track that seemed wrong, so I quickly shut up.  Recall the old story of a wino panhandler who asked for help from a passerby; it was followed by advice. The panhandler then interrupted the passerby by reminding him that he had asked for help -- not for advice.

They would have thought it was politically incorrect to inject some common sense and tell them that three attractive young women are more than capable of getting lots of help on lots of things. My goodness, that would have been such an awful thing to say!

But to hell with political culture. Look at it from the point of view of nature. It is an advantage that young attractive women have, from the evolution of our species. Why doesn't that count? 

Meanwhile, we were looking off into the sunset. The rain was over and the sun was coming out. Pretty and cheerful. That was OK for the sun, but not for the young women. The clearing sky and sunset are "positive" things in nature, but pretty young women having power over men is a "dirty" thing that cannot be said in public.

photo by Granger.