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A New Visit from an Old Companion

 A traveler sees a lot of mountains and forests, canyons and cliffs.  They are enjoyable at the time, and yet, they usually don't make for a distinct long-term memory.  They blend into an anonymous pool. 

 Conversely, other little things make for vivid memories that last for years.  These little things might not mean much to other people.  

Think of all the times I have gone a bicycle ride on dirt/gravel roads on scenic land with great weather, with one of my dogs.  I almost always enjoy myself.  But afterwards, little memory of it lives. 

One of the things that does stand out is the curious behavior of butterflies, "La Mariposa", alongside the bike.  I have distinct and clear memories of La Mariposa deliberately following the bike, just a few feet away.  And not for just a couple random seconds.  It's as if this mere insect has suddenly become a sentient being, like my dog.  Does she want to join the bike club?  

It happened again.  Since I am curious about editing videos, I grabbed my phone and made a video of La Mariposa fluttering on the pedal of my bike.  She was sunning herself I guess.  (I had to click once on the Play arrow, give the screen a second to change appearance, and then click on the Play arrow again.)

This seemed worthy of a small video, since the motion of a butterfly is appealing.  Then I had some fun learning to edit the video with the free version of Microsoft ClipChamp. (And they will need some luck to sucker me into making monthly payments for the Premium edition.)

This kicked off a nostalgia trip.  What photos did I have of dog, bike, and butterfly?

This photo was taken over a decade ago.  But I have such clear memories of it that I could find the exact forest road in the White Mountains of Arizona.

A sentient being, not just an insect.

Once again, one of my dogs, (Coffee Girl) establishing a rapport with a butterfly.


Anonymous said…
Butterfly video was nice to watch this morning. I have a good feeling inside when I see them.
Ed said…
I clicked on the arrow multiple times and never got the video to play. It is either me or you that has a problem.
The old butterfly pictures were great!
Ed, thanks for the heads-up. I rewrote the verbiage in the post so that the viewer does NOT click the Play arrow in rapid succession.
Anonymous, thanks for letting me know that you were able to watch the video. I didn't think that would accept a 30 second long video. Now I need to see HOW LONG the video can be.
Ed said…
I was able to open the video following your second instructions. However, after clicking the first time I had to wait much longer than a second for it to give me the second arrow. That is due to my VERY poor Verizon signal here at this Park. The Park WIFI is sometimes better and sometimes worse.
Wow, Ed, I've become an "IT" department guy!
Anonymous said…
I was able to open the butterfly video easily with only one click......I have always wondered if insects do think of various things, or only act on instinct..... I prefer to think they think
Barb said…
Love butterflies. When my husband was sick I asked him to let me know he was ok after he passed away anyway he could think of. Maybe a butterfly landing on me or something. I'll be darned if a milkweed grew next to the backdoor that spring, never had one there before. We watched the caterpillers eat the plant, turn into interesting chrysalises and hatch into beautiful monarchs. I do believe it was a gift.
Barb, that was a very touching story. Thank you for sharing it.
Anonymous, just one click, eh? That's good news. That wouldn't even work on my end. I
Barb in FL said…
Forgot to say I enjoyed your video & also, only one click.
Barb, well, the "voice of the customer" has spoken! I will keep learning about video editing. Maybe I will even buy video editing software!