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Crossing Cattle Gates

Is it fair that some dogs end up with all the girlish charm, beauty, poise, and talent?  Well, no, it ain't fair.  But that is the way it is.

I am on the ragged edge of internet coverage -- worse than usual.  So I am not sure this video plays.  At least I learned how to compress the videos first with the Video Compressor app on my Android phone.

Two years ago I taught my little honey to cross gates for the first time.  I should have taken a video of that.  I think I had to practically drag her across.  But she turned out to be the best crosser of all the three dogs I've had and the first two were quite good at it.



That pup has a talent I have never seen in a pup before. Cattle guards have been a major obstacle to all the dogs I have ever met. Congratulations on a fine friend.
Barney, I'm glad she made an impression on you! I think the first time she tried to do this, about 2 years ago, I had to push her feet for her!
Barb in FL said…
Looks like a pro ~ with no back foot slippage at all.
Good dog!