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No More Remote Controls

 People have quite a bit of consumer electronics lying around in their house.  How many remote controls do they have?  I'll bet it isn't their favorite gadget.  For one thing you can never find the damn thing when you need it.

I used to think that the remote control was just to save the couch potato from having to walk three steps.  But actually remote controls eliminated the need to build all those buttons into the side of the TV or other electrical appliance.   And then, when the button failed, you would have had to throw the TV out.

Now that I have eliminated my Blu-Ray player and monitor screen by ripping my DVDs onto the computer,  I looked over at the remote control of the Blu-Ray player and felt delighted that I could get rid of it!

I fantasized a slow and solemn ritual of execution for my last remaining remote control -- something like the public hangings in old movie westerns.  But that would just have been litter.  

Free at last, free at last!


What's worse than trying to find the right remote to use. Everything is different.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.
Rick and Kathy, I guess the best thing you could say about remote controls is that all those buttons would have ruined the TVs or DVD players.

The manufacturer would probably argue that customers would not use all the wonderful new features of their electronic gadgets if they had to get up and walk three steps. But perhaps that just means that those features just aren't that important.