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Another Group of Heroes to Admire

I am a broken man.  The world has become so hopeless that I desperately reach out in any direction to find somebody or something to admire.  Lately I have been admiring the farmer-protests in Europe.  Do you think these even get reported in the state-affiliated news programs in Europe?

It is not impossible that the protests could lead to a slight decrease in environmental regulations.  Then, once the furor has died down, and Jean-Jacques Rosseaus's General Will has supposedly been heeded by the great democracy of Europe, the European Union desk jockeys will go back to creating more and more regulations.  


Barb in FL said…
The best part was watching the spraying of the liquid manure on the government buildings. Yes, it sure is a shitshow going on in the world. I doubt the media shares with the fellow countrymen, just like they do here. I'm still optimistic for better times ahead. Sooner than later, of course. Hope QT recovered from her cholla bite.
Barb, a Shit Show indeed!

Q.t.Pi got a cholla in her mouth on a bike ride. She let me cradle her against my body, and put the hemostat into her mouth and extract the Bad Stuff. She didn't even squeal, although she did squirm. Perhaps she is taking a more professional attitude to cholla. In a couple days I will leave cholla country, and Good Riddance to it.
Unknown said…
I am currently traveling in France and Belgium. The media is covering the farmer protests. Everyone here knows about the protest and the reasons why the farmers are protesting.
Unknown, Interesting. And surprising that they would even mention the farmer protests.