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He Was Probably an Anti-Semite

 If your news-intake is limited to the legacy media, you might not yet have heard of a young Air Force guy named Aaron Bushnell burning himself in protest in front of the Israeli embassy.  He died.

Perhaps the legacy media will accuse Mr. Bushnell of being anti-semitic.  Or they might claim that setting yourself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy is an example of hate-speech.

At least a hero of the Deep State was there to hold a gun on the burning and nearly dead body of Mr. Bushnell.  Gosh, wouldn't you love to have a chance to personally 'thank the cop for his service.'

I am being satiric of course.  It is better than lashing out with anger.  Anger burns itself out.  Mockery is a better long-term approach.  There is no way to "over-mock" American foreign policy, the Biden administration, the War industries, or the Israel Lobby.



Anonymous said…
I saw the headline, but didn't click on it. Not going to give it any traction, although my son watched it. Not quite sure what his point was other than to call them out. Somebody has to, I guess. Must be a better way. He must've felt hopeless of the situation? I'd call/write someone if I thought it would do any good, but what's the use? Seems it's what "they" want so they can get at the oil/gas field off the coast. Did you see the egyptians are building an open air prison off the southern coast of gaza to herd the survivors to? More human suffering. Sick. What really pisses me off is we've been giving is ra hell $$$$$ for so long, we're paying for this inhumanity!