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The Glory Season

There is no excuse for 'watching a pot, waiting for it to boil,' but here I am, doing it again, waiting for the last of the summer heat to wind down.

Most people probably like autumn.  So many things work.  The truly remarkable thing is how good autumn is over a vast section of North America.  People in the hurricane belt would disagree.

Lower temperatures will probably slow down fires and smoke, which means faster containment of the fires by the firefighters.  We really need rain but September is unlikely to give much. 

Ah well, let me just be happy about all the things that are good at this time of year:

1.  Driving down wider roads on BLM land, instead of struggling with narrow roads in steep national forests.

2.  More than ample shadows.  They are generous and positively useful.

3.  Better sleeping weather.

4.  Fewer summer tourists and weekend warriors.

5.  Fewer insects.

6.  Enormous geographical freedom.