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Should the Russkies Take Their Gloves Off?

People are talking about the Russkies taking their gloves off.  They could hit Ukrainian power grids, energy infrastructure, and railroad bridges.  I don't understand why they don't try harder to intercept NATO weapons.  Russian leaders certainly have a tough decision to make. 

The counter-argument is that it is still a few months until mid-winter, when the energy shortages in Europe will bite hardest.  So why not just let "General Winter" do their fighting for them?

There will be giant protest marches in Europe, people say. (There already have been.)

So what?  You could argue that protests work in the favor of the intransigent political leaders of Europe, since they let the peasants blow off steam.  They make it look like Europe governments are listening to Rousseau's "General Will".  They legitimize the notion that the masses have a say in these 'model' democracies of Europe.  After the protests, nothing will change.

Does 'democracy' mean self-government or is it just a fa├žade that legitimizes and deodorizes the power of the elites?

My guess is the political class doesn't really give a damn about Ukraine one way or the other.  It is just a way of sneaking in the Green utopia.

Furthermore, I doubt that most European politicians are pious Greens in their heart's heart, although they must appear to be in public.   An over-arching belief system is useful for keeping the peasants in line.  (What do you call the "God, King, and Country" era during a thousand years of the Middle Ages?)  

But all of them do realize that when the Green religion is established in a vast and ever-growing regulatory bureaucracy, their careers, power, and perks are set for life.

I believe that the peasants of Europe will put up with just about anything from their bureaucratic elites.  Therefore the Russkies would be wise not count too much on "General Winter" coming to their aid.  They should move more quickly in Ukraine.