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Solving One Problem at a Time

I have no complaint about (greater) Idaho this summer.  The fire and smoke held off until September.  But now it is time to get the hell outta' here.  I went south, focusing on solving the smoke problem before going on to the next problem.

The bank sign said it was 102 F in a little town.  Well, it was clear what the next problem would be.  Strangely though, I walked around town without being bothered too much.  And no, it wasn't because "it's only a dry heat."  Humid heat or dry heat don't bother me too much.  What bothers me is bright heat, that is, relentless, oppressive sunlight.

And there just happened to be a miraculous cloud blocking the sun right then.  Still, I needed to find some shade.  On BLM land?!

Luxurious shaded camping on BLM land?

Well at least the roads are wider than in the forest. And there is a better breeze.  And I did find a flat spot at 5500 feet, with ATT coverage.

I wanted to visit an old mining town that I hadn't seen in years.  Was it still respectfully dilapidated or has it been debauched by progress?

The old school.

The old hotel?  (or bordello?)



Unknown (redacted): Looks like your in XYZ. How was the road in.
Unknown, I took the road from the east years ago. Horrible. And it starts at low altitude.

This time Age and Wisdom came to my aid. I approached XYZ from the west. The road was not so bad. But I dropped the trailer 10 miles away.