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The World's Best Persuaders

I am getting some things done around here. I had hoped to enroll it as a member of my archipelago of base camps, but I was wrong. Lander WY is too touristy. It is after all on the way to Yellowstone for people coming from the south and east.

There is one particular loop road through the forest that I checked out the other day. There must be hundreds of dispersed campers out there, with a certain amount of uniformity: giant fifth wheel trailers with 6-8 kilowatt, open frame generators. It must take at least a couple stout guys to lift those generators off the pickup truck. They usually have several motorsports machines loaded off a flat bed trailer. 

They certainly have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to have "fun" this holiday weekend. But are they having fun? A few of them are rock climbing, hiking, or fly fishing. I can see why people get interested in these activities in beautiful locations. 

But such people are rare around here. For the most part their "fun" consists of getting on a noisy machine and blasting along the gravel roads and making all the dust they can. How can than be fun for more than three minutes? It is evidence for how bored most campers are.

Just think of all the money and trouble. Why don't they take a "stay-cation" closer to home, or even stay home and enjoy their air conditioning? They would save themselves a fortune.

Normally when we think of lies and propaganda, we think of the Media or politicians. But the RV and camping industries are supposedly doing great these days. If true, that is an enormous achievement in "persuasion."

Ironically all this is taking place just a few miles from South Pass, where most of the wagon trains went through. It is a discovery that is rather unknown compared to, say, the Lewis and Clark Expedition. South Pass is a geographical oddity, and of great historical importance.

Just think how humble the "RV" was back then -- why, it didn't even have any slide-outs! Think of the fortitude and determination of those people, and of their various practical skills.

Today somebody can be physically lazy, unskilled, and just plain stupid, and can get on their machines and blast around, anywhere and everywhere. This is Progress?



Ed said…
I stayed in Lander, WY for a month and that was enough to convince me not to go back. This was a few years ago but I got the feeling that the place was too far left for me. It could have moved Woke by now?
Ed, to give you an idea of their politics, I went into a rock-climbing store, mainly because they had free water available in front of the store. 90% of the customers had masks on, black masks of course. Masks were optional.

But of course for many people, masks are the very symbol of who they are and who they identify with, and what is holy. It is a trivial but visible symbol to them.

I rolled my eyes.
And I won't be coming back. Nice land, but too many tourists.
Yankeeflyer said…
While you're rolling your eyes and your clear vision returns try reading fellow blogger, at Box Cabyon Blog .com
YankeeFlyer, it is easy to use "fellow blogger" in an inaccurate way.
Yankeeflyer said…
I stand corrected...alternative blogger.