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I couldn't recognize the howls yesterday. Wolves?  But they were too high in pitch. The cows grazing nearby appeared unconcerned.

These days I seem to go to You Tube when I want quick information on something, rather than Wikipedia. I wanted to hear sounds of coyotes and wolves, rather than move my eyeballs over a pile of verbiage, or worse yet, jargon.

The You Tube recordings of coyotes did sound similar to what I heard here. It was howl-like rather than the high pitched yipping that I am used to. Do Wyoming or northern coyotes sound different than the scrawny coyotes of the Southwest? 

Northern coyotes seems less famished and bushier than those of the southwest, but would they sound different? I don't get it.


Ed said…
The mountain coyote is found in northwestern states like Washington and Canada to the southern part of Alaska. It has a large tail and long ears. I suspect that this is the subspecies that you are seeing.

The Mearns’ coyote is found in Arizona, Chihuahua, New Mexico, and parts of northern Mexico. It has a small skull and teeth but bright-colored fur, especially around the feet.

I found nothing that claims their 'song' is different.

The You Tube video that had the coyote howling did not identify the sub-species.

It was so noticeable -- a howl isn't even close to the high pitched yips that I expect from a coyote.
Wikipedia said the largest coyote ever shot was near Afton, WY. It weighed 75 pounds!