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Conversation With a Newbie RVer

What a world it is! It certainly made me appreciate some progress taking placing in the RV industry.

I spoke to an older generation RVer who was on their maiden vogage with their loooonnnnng trailer. There were all bushy-tailed and bright-eyed about living the dream.

He was from Texas, where his rig might have been a good fit. There were three sites (out of 25) in this campground where his rig would have fit. But of course, they were filled. But he still felt optimistic. After all, they were finally living the dream.


I don't know where they ended up camping for the night. He mentioned that they were now on their way to Moab. Talk about leaving the fry pan for the fire!

It was reminiscent of Lucille Ball in "The Long, Long Trailer." I got a kick out of the conversation.

In contrast, consider the younger generation in their vans: they can actually fit in campgrounds or parking lots. They are wise to give up on the long RVs of the old generation. Parking lot camping isn't exactly 'living the dream,' but at least it will get you through the night. A real campground is not only expensive, but it is filled. One must stay flexible.


Now days I regularly run into folks who consider my 24 foot Arctic Fox 22h to be way to small for even a single guy like me to survive in for a weekend much less 14 years.
OFM, I have no trouble believing that.
If I was once again single I would again convert a Van and be satisfied.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.
That's right, Rick, blame it on the wife-person. (grin)

(Then again, how do I know it was Rick?)
My thoughts these days for me is that I would still have a trailer and truck. I would like to have a trailer smaller than mine now. This one was just right when I had lots of toys like bikes, yaks, backpacks etc. Now that I am too decrepit to safely use most of those toys, I could easily use quite a bit less than the 148 square feet (24 foot) of trailer I pull around now. The weight, 5500# loaded, is not the trouble. The over all length of the rig is my limiting factor. A properly designed 18 foot model and a short wheel base truck would be way plenty for me these days.
Barney, I always wondered if more RVers choose a smaller or larger RV, as their second RV. Personally I have known more who moved to a larger RV as the second RV. I always attributed that to the unenthusiastic half of the couple gradually getting the upper hand. But who knows?