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In Quest of Fire

 A couple posts ago I was admiring some campers' fortitude and cheerfulness when bad weather hit.  

Yesterday I was in town all day. Returning in the late afternoon, I was surprised to see the campground 1/3 full of undaunted campers. They were quite upbeat despite hours of cold rain.

One campsite in particular was fun to drive by. They were the only ones who had managed to get a fire going. The rain was too slow to put it out. The fire had no practical effect on their body temperatures; nor did they cook with it. Everybody uses a stove.

But what an effect the fire had on them and me psychologically! Naturally it brings to mind that movie "In Quest of Fire" by the French director, made back in the '80s. Do you suppose they will manage to get the fire started this morning? We have five inches of snow and it is still falling.

They are quite intrepid and seem to enjoy the challenge of everything. It would make a wonderful picture if they got it going again. I will run out in my boots and photograph them.

In Quest of Fire

This was a nice chance to think about something fundamental to human existence, fire, that we seldom think about. Isn't it strange how easy it is to ignore anything that is actually important?

I'll bet the campers are enjoying this experience and will remember it for a long time. The nominal excuse for coming here was to look at a specific piece of trivial scenery.  Today they might not walk to the waterfall, with the snow-covered rocks being so slippery. Will the snow talk them out of being mere tourists and turn them toward a deeper level of outdoor experience?

If the experience sinks in, it is invaluable. Our thoughts can transcend the puny limitations of the Here & the Now. It means release from the prison of the Self, as we melt into the long story flow of human history.

Maybe we won't be full tonight.