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Greta and I Keep Trying

The world just doesn't appreciate how hard Greta (Thunberg) and I work to save the Planet. My earlier post about imposing a planetary lockdown against scenery tourism did not generate a massive amount of applause.

Very well then, I accept the challenge of  improving the plan. Just look at the throw-away water and soft drink bottles that have to be hauled out of here after a holiday! Disgusting. How about a $1 tax on every one of those bottles. I'm not being facetious.

I wonder how many of these bottle-junkies are blue-voting, green-voting hypocrites from Boulder and Denver. There should be a "head tax" every time they cross the county line.

 Better yet, tourists should be sent to a dot gov site to initiate the process of filling out a simple 23-screen application for a scenery-passport. Guarantee them a response within 6 months. If they don't like this method, they could stay closer to home where there are excellent recreational trails and public parks. If those facilities are not adequate, then build new ones with all the money they are saving by defunding the police. 


Ted said…
This goes to show that there’s a real difference in campground clientele. I have come across zero trash of that type. A few pieces of paper & one paper towel all the long weekend. National Park, reservations only.
Anonymous said…
Long been a proponent on say,a 25cent deposit on anything plastic or disposable or that u see a lot of in trash. Surely would help cut down on garbage out and about.
Yes. Nat parks by and large do awesome job of picking up. (Though they shouldn’t have to). Other parks and forest/ BLM not so much
Ted said…
“Nat parks by and large do awesome job of picking up. (Though they shouldn’t have to).”

My point was that they don’t need to. There is very little to pick up here (Great Basin NP) and my previous hosting position 2 years ago at North Rim, Grand Canyon NP. I saw the same while camping Bryce Canyon NP last year. All three were reservation only, did not allow OHVs, were strict about generator noise, etc., which discourages the types of people who are… let’s be nice and say they’re “casual about leaving no trace”. There might be other factors, such as each being hundreds of miles from any large metropolitan area.