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Before Everybody Was Clogging the Back Roads

I certainly looked twice when I saw this off-road classic sitting in the downtown plaza in Ajo, AZ. I sighed with pleasure, and fluttered my eyelashes at the car. This seemed odd because antique car festivals do not interest me in the least.  

What was it about this off-road classic? Why was I mooning and swooning over it?

It is hard to imagine the owner of a modern "off-roader" jumping into this classic. (This refers to crossover-utility-vehicles, CUV.) There aren't eight air bags in the classic. And no 8" information display in the center of the dash. Actually dozens of modern "necessities" are missing. 

Something about the classic vehicle and its owner smacks of moral integrity.

Those were the days when family campers went to 'the lake' on the weekend, or maybe to a state park. They didn't blast around on dirt roads, making noise and traffic, where dispersed campers are trying to 'get away from it all,' and where I would like to ride my mountain bike in peace.

But now it seems like anybody and everybody has all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive, and can invade areas that I wished they never visited. What are they doing out there anyway? All of the stuff they really care about is back in town. Why don't they 'go back where they came from.' 

The longer I live, the more I realize how foolish a 'democratic' approach to society is; that is, the lower we make the lowest common denominator by enabling it with conveniences, comforts, and safety, the sooner we ruin anything that is really worth enjoying.