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Riding a Tiger

Seen from a big-picture point of view, the sabre-rattling of the Biden administration seems like craziness. The Soviet Union ceased to exist 30 years ago! Why is Russia the enemy of the USA? Why does NATO even exist? Why is the Pentagon funded at Cold War levels?

And why should the USA provoke China? We are dependent on them to make everything for us now that we make nothing for ourselves. Taiwan and the South China Sea are in their sphere of influence.

But, as a wise man said a long time ago:

     Polonius [aside]: Though this be madness, yet there is a method in’t.—

     William Shakespeare. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark 

The Biden administration has little going for it now, and this is a mid-term election year. But it still has two important assets: almost complete support from the Mainstream Media, and a president's leadership over foreign policy.

Working together, a constant state of Fear over war can distract the peasant-masses from issues that will hurt the Biden administration, and over which it has little control. 

They would be wise to see warmongering as 'riding a tiger by the tail,'  or just 'riding a tiger.' That is a phrase I have never used in my own speech but it is an important one. Free Dictionary defines the idiom to mean: 

     Something or some situation that is too risky,        overwhelming, or unsafe to abandon; that which is safer to continue than to quit.

It isn't just war that can be like riding a tiger. The whole Covid police state adventure has been like riding a tiger for would-be dictators in regulatory agencies and politicians who were actually elected.

How are they ever going to get off that tiger -- in a way that preserves their careers, power, and prestige? Some dictators have had a less-than-happy ending: