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My Least Favorite Topographic Feature

It was my last ride in this area, so I wanted to choose the best one. I like cascading ridges in the distance.

 The sheer rockiness of the land does not appeal to me, but riding puts a guy in a good mood, so:

Off to the side where I wasn't really focusing on it, I sensed something malevolent. Sure enough, a vertical mine shaft.

How I used to hate these things! I never have the guts to walk up and look in. Instead I stand a few feet away and toss a pebble in, and listen for clues.

More times than not, the shaft is just a hole 5 feet deep!  It just makes for a laugh. But every now and then...

Even though these mine shafts have lost much of their terror to me, they still make a good metaphor for the future of Europe, America, and the Commonwealth countries. 'Circling the drain' would be better, but where do you find that in a desert!