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The Ultimate Christmas Present for a Desert Snowbird?

 Somehow I don't think most snowbirds are enjoying Arizona today. It is windy and raining. They came here to look at palm trees or saguaros silhouetted against a red sunset, with the rest of the day being 'nice and sunny.'

Well, they are not doing anything wrong by thinking like that, considering where they are coming from. But a non-tourist looks at things differently.

The air was warm and damp last night. The dampness was not subtle. Therefore it was miraculous. We have already climbed into double digits! -- that is, 0.15" of rain.

If Mother Nature keeps giving us Christmas presents like this, late winter will turn colorful. It has been a couple years since we had a decent flower season. 

Ideally this photo would be a visual representation of freakishly soggy air.