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Putting Myself in a Snowbird's Shoes

Every now and then, in the winter, I have trouble sleeping and wonder what is wrong. Then it hits me: I am too warm. Usually this problem can be solved merely by taking socks off. Isn't it funny what a finely tuned instrument the human body can be?!

Except for occasional mistakes like this, it is easy to take it for granted that sleeping is so much better in winter than summer. Do snowbirds ever give winter credit for this? They think they have found heaven because they escaped winter. They forget how badly our recent ancestors slept in summer. 

And now most American consumers set the thermostat at 72F and walk around the house in the same clothes, summer or winter. The house is closed off, and you breathe the same stale air 7 and 24 and 365. One of the advantages of camping is that you are dragged out of this heating/air-conditioning bubble.

Before I get accused of making a pep-talk for winter, I admit that you don't need hard-core winter to sleep well -- you only need 'shoulder season' weather, with cool nights rather than cold nights. Still, worshiping hot sun and 'shorts' weather is a bit excessive. The Canadian snowbirds are kind of silly at this. 




Dave Davis said…
This is my second time in Florida during the "Winter" months. It's still too hot in December. The next week is low to mid 80s with humidity. We are leaving for Tucson January 1st. I can hardly wait! The Canadians came down here in force since November 8th. Next year, maybe only November in Florida.
Let's hope Florida stays popular with people forever -- we don't need them in the West!
I should have said, "Present company excluded..." with a smilie face on that last comment.