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Cold Canyons in Southern Nevada

I've often wondered why one person likes one type of music, while another person likes a different type. Perhaps that issue has been studied and written about. But does anybody really want the issue reduced to a "known?"

The same is true for scenery. I have long maintained a strong interest in shapes and contrasts, while the usual tourist attractions are only of mild interest to me.

A perennial winner for me is a highly eroded canyon system in southern Nevada.

 What erosion is capable of! Interesting, twisted, bizarre, creepy shapes that keep looking different every time the viewer changes his angle.



Dave Davis said…
We decided to stay in Florida Nov & Dec. It's been hot, humid and I'm getting bored. We are heading for Tucson and the Southwest in January. I spent 5 months there last winter, never bored. Most of the Southwest is just breathtaking, and scenes in the morning change so much in the evening.
"Most of the Southwest is just breathtaking"? Well yes, that is true for topography and geology. But the Southwest is dismal when it comes vegetation. After awhile, you have seen enough cholla.