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No More x-doodle and x-poo Dogs!

At first I thought it was cute, making poodle-mixes. But as I keep looking for my next dog, it is weird how rare full poodles are, and how prevalent poodle-mixes are. 

Why is it even necessary to mix a poodle with another breed? How can you beat shedless, fun, personable, trainable, and intelligent? And poodles come in three or four sizes and colors.

And most doodles are too big for RVers. This time I want a little munchkin who can fit in a basket on my mountain bike.

Of course the poodle-mixes don't get Barbie-doll haircuts and cropped tails, which makes them more appealing to many people. That is understandable. So why not just stop disfiguring poodles?

I tell ya, the world of dogs is completely screwed up. And it is due to screwed-up humans.

Beautiful, but why should grooming dominate the lives of dogs and their owners?