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Out of a Spaghetti Western

This autumn has been miraculously calm. I don't do a lot of small talk about the weather on this blog, but it is worth talking about how nice it is when weeks go by without wind. The desert is usually windy one or two days per week, and it is no fun.


One of the funnest things on a mountain bike ride is bumping into some old wreck of a building, something that reminds you of a building in a spaghetti western. That happened recently near Overton, NV.

 How about this old beauty? A local called it "the tradin' post." It was a duplex residence? Notice the fireplace:

 I like the 'viga', the weathered wooden lintel above the window:

 Outside there were men's and women's restrooms that looked like apostrophes from above:

The northern tip of Valley of Fire is visible in the background.

Of course it isn't the eye candy that matters most. It was the surprise factor, and I hope I haven't ruined that for the readers.


Anonymous said…
Love the old stone construction.
Thanks again. Always enjoy your posts.
It seemed like the mortar had received some maintenance recently. Maybe a local historical society has helped out.