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An Old Boondocker Goes Out in a Blaze of Glory

One of the sadder chapters in a traveler's career is when they announce that it is time to 'turn in the keys.' Sometimes an outsider can see them sneak into it before they can: for instance, they buy a lot at one of the Yoostabees RV Club parks (aka, the Escapees). Then they stop kidding themselves and backslide completely into bourgeois normalcy, that is, sticks and bricks, a Sears Kenmore riding lawnmower, a Lazy Boy recliner, and discussions of window treatments. The luckier ones get to -- or choose to -- go out in a 'blaze of glory.'

I finally saw on the street today what I knew was coming...

That's right, it is the long-promised Jeep pickup truck. Is it even worth reading any of the usual automobile review websites to learn about this model? The only such website I like is, and it has been blacklisted by the Higher Powers at Google. Besides, he hasn't reviewed the Jeep "Gladiator" yet.

It took a small miracle, but I found one review that talks about how the Gladiator performs -- instead of looks. 

But who am I kidding? Even brutally utilitarian consumers will admit that image has a lot to do with the Gladiator's appeal. What follows is pure porn...

What's going on here? Am I becoming like the aging corporate accountant who grows a little grey ponytail and buys a Harley?

But one part of me wants to face the bitter truth: that buying the Gladiator would be the first 'cool' thing I've ever done in my life, and it is likely to be the last.


XXXXX said…
You're not going to live forever nor be able to live the life you have now forever so do what makes you happy and quit putting yourself through 100 judgments of one kind or another. You won't save the world no matter what. Enjoy the day.

Ed said…
I bought a CJ-8 "Scrambler" in 1981 or '82 and kept it until I got a corporate car. This was small pickup similar to the CJ-7, but featured a longer 103-inch wheelbase and featured a long rear overhang for increased cargo space. Even at that it did not have all that much cargo space.

It was not very cool and Jeep did not offer the model for many years. The Gladiator may be cool but I can not see you buying one.
Ed, "I can not see you "buying one." No Defeatism, please! Just because I was BORN uncool, was RAISED uncool, and LIVED uncool, doesn't mean that I have to DIE uncool!

George, "quit putting yourself through 100 judgments..." You know, that sounds a lot like "Thou shalt not judge." (Grin.)