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Our Eponymous Wildflower

Many people like to look at wildflowers. Over the years one flower in particular has caught my eye.

I see this mostly white flower in high sagebrush or alpine meadows.

With all the rain we have had this year, flowers abound, including this mostly white flower. After doing a little homework, I was delighted to find that it is our eponymous "beautiful grass" flower.

It is popping out all over, in our 8100 foot sagebrush.

The other photos were taken in northern New Mexico. Here is the local product:

I love using large camera apertures to photograph flowers, so that the background is blurry.

So what is the point to this useless prettiness? It actually gave me great satisfaction to learn that the wildflower was named for the local area and, indeed, grows in the local area.

Was this essentially the same satisfaction that ancient pagans got from worshiping their smaller gods, such as hearth gods? Similarly Catholic peasants in the early days loved their smaller saints.