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America's Last Chance?

I keep wondering whether I will bother to read a single history book in my 'next life.' The reason is that I fear that reading them during my current life has been a big waste of that life.

It's not that I expect the reading of history books to make me clairvoyant about the future. But it should at least help me identify fundamentally important issues and structures. If it can do that, then at least I won't waste much time on trivial or superficial things.

Consider the Russia-Gate hoax. Many people might think that this is purely a partisan issue or dependent on how much you hate Trump.

I hate Trump, but that seems like a secondary matter. There are more important questions.

Quoting Paul Craig Roberts:

The felonies committed by the CIA, FBI, and Obama Justice (sic) Department constitute no less than a coup against the president of the United States, an act of sedition and treason. Yet, those responsible might never be held accountable.
Later he adds,
This is the last chance for the US government to hold the security agencies accountable. If they are given a pass, henceforth they will be unimpeded in the pursuit of their secret agendas. The Office of the President will never again have the opportunity to restore accountability over the Deep State.
I agree with Roberts. If the FBI and CIA can suborn elections with impunity, the crime will become more brazen every year, until America is nothing better than a banana republic. 

This seems like the fundamental issue. But it has become a second-tier news item on the boob toob.


Roger Fell said…
I see it as somewhat karmic. The USA has interfered in the elections and politics of how many countries? And it's always about money and resources.
Anonymous said…
I don't regret reading history a bit. Helps to make sense of life as we live it. Truly nothing new under the sun.
Have been purposely reading less and less "news", though, still love to do so. What did I miss? Haven't heard any thing in last 20? years about cia/fbi messing with elections. Other than Comey investigating Hillary again, when she should have been indicted for the emails on her personal computer