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The Romance of Real Winter Camping

Now that I've fallen to the level of an armchair traveler, I might as well make the best of it. There are videos about guys camping in big tents -- big enough to walk around in -- in deep snow. 

My favorite videos show the tent with no floor. The guy tromps around inside in his snow boots. You hear the crunching of the snow with every step.

A wood stove is crackling away inside the tent.  Smoke pours out the chimney tube that exits a special hole in the tent wall.  

Then he walks over to his cot. A huge fluffy sleeping bag is piled up on it. And his dog is snuggling in the bag. The dog gets a pet from the man and looks up at his man. The dog has an aura or halo of contentment and coziness.

My eyelashes are fluttering by now. Compare this scene to the hackneyed look of an RV snowbird in Quartzsite, AZ. There is almost no romance or adventure to what they are doing.

The trouble is that the romance evaporates when you start thinking about the inconvenience of burning wood, taking your boots on and off 500 times per day, everything getting soggy, condensation on the inside of the tent walls, and most of all, wind.

It is such a curse to ruin a good thing by thinking like a rational adult.