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The Perfect Ice Cream to Finish the Meal

Over the years, the road trip movie has been a popular genre. They rightly emphasize personal growth rather than scenery. One that comes to mind is "City Slickers", made back in the 1990s and starring Billy Crystal.

Do you remember that famous scene when they have a "shootout" over one guy's ability to choose the perfect ice cream to finish off any meal?

An analogous approach works with travel experiences: choosing the perfect book, movie, or music that pairs up with a moving travel experience. Music is my choice.

The travel experience in question is having an engine konk out on me, with only 26,000 miles on the odometer. (Bad crankshaft bearing.) Although a new engine was covered by the powertrain warranty, there was still plenty of angst. There were only a couple of the engines available in North America because of supply chain problems. It took 2 weeks of waiting for an engine to show up, but then the work got done pretty quickly.

A New, Shiny, and Clean Engine

  So what is the perfect music? When things looked glum I chose a tearjerker from a Puccini opera. But today I am feeling triumphal. Do you like this choice:?