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An Armchair Traveler

'How have the mighty fallen!' I guess that old tagline applies well to my current situation of squatting at a GM dealership in Utah, waiting for a new replacement engine -- at GM's expense!

It does seem like quite a come-down. I have never aspired to be an armchair traveler. On the other hand I read history books that take place a long way from home. It is fun running to a mapping app to learn about the geography that pertains to the story.

Possible alternatives:

1. Rewrite old posts.

2. Make comments on the blog/vlogs of people who actually do travel. 

3. Change the blog to a You Tube channel that photographs itself sitting in front of a computer screen, while critiquing people who really do travel.

4. Start a "how to" channel/blog that pretends to be friendly to "fellow" travelers but is actually about selling crap.