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An Individual CAN Adapt

The new era of the Great Reset is not evolving quite as I expected, showing once more that predictions are difficult, 'especially about the future.'

By now I expected the Climate Lockdown to have been announced in a dramatic way, with most of the news media trumpeting it as a New Dispensation. But we appear to be sliding seamlessly from Virus Lockdowns to supply-chain crises and energy shortages, with the Climate Lockdown staying implicit. Perhaps the Powers-That-Be learned that the public has become weary and wary of the very word "lockdown".

More fundamentally, what is happening is that the Forever War era has transitioned to the Forever Something Else era in order to empower the people who don't think they have quite enough power yet. 

Where does that leave a helpless individual? The good news is that we are not quite helpless. An individual can't do anything about soaring energy prices, which are probably Forever. But we can make certain adjustments such as abandoning certain travel habits. For instance, scenery tourism should be spurned. 'Channel surfing with gasoline' is long overdue for being abandoned. 

Food prices are likely to be Forever high. I have already abandoned the idea of going to sit-down restaurants. Giving up buying coffee at the gas station is definitely needed. 

There are several Great Resets I can make at the grocery store, such as eating more rice, beans, and root vegetables. Since these foods are not only more economical but also require less refrigeration -- refrigerated foods make you waste a lot of gasoline on trips to the grocery store. 

 the Great Reset



Anonymous said…
The guy in the photo is one of the fortunate few to have a roof over his head.
I imagine the majority will be fighting for a dry spot under a damp bridge!