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Time to Play Armchair General Again

'Portentous' is not a word that I would expect to use very often, when discussing media drivel. But it might be the right word to describe an article about Turkey's successful use of drone swarms in recent conflicts.

If inexpensive drone swarms are the way of war in the future, it could change the balance of power between the leading warmonger states. You would expect the USA to continue to 'fight the last war', with billion dollar aircraft carriers and a handful of ultra-expensive aircraft. It will continue to look back to the "Good War," World War II.

Even if there were a change in thinking in the Pentagon, why would the USA be good at mass-producing anything? But not all powerful countries are post-industrial like the USA. China should be hugely successful at mass-producing drones.

What am I overlooking? It seems like the USA should just accept secondary military stature gracefully, and try to stay out of the way of the up-and-comers.


It is hard to believe that the ossified bureaucracy of the Pentagon could really modernize. It is even harder to believe that the political culture of the USA would want to or be allowed to threaten the status quo. And I certainly can't imagine Republican Senators removing statues of Winston Churchill from their offices.