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Annual Push Against Long Winter Evenings

Every winter it is the same struggle: how to cope with all those hours of darkness. In contrast it is easier to enjoy the hours of daylight than in summer, because of pleasant coolness and the lack of insects.

And then sunset happens. You would think that a person with a rig, tall enough to walk around in, would have an easier time than people in low-top vans. Perhaps various exercises in the evening would help? More household errands (cooking, cleaning, organizing) would help.

Maybe I get suckered in to gluing my butt to a chair and consuming media. It is impossible to find that much media that is interesting.

Another approach is embodied in a classic quote from Samuel Johnson: "As I get older, I am willing to call a man a good man on easier terms." Indeed, it helps to become less critical of media, and look to appreciate what might have been missed on the first round. 

It helps to remind myself to give in on something to gain something. What I really need is staying busier and more content on long winter evenings -- and let other considerations be damned.

For instance more DVDs of classic television westerns might help. Any suggestions? One possibility might be "Laramie," which I never saw as a child. 


I started my art hobby because of what you describe.
Barney, art would be off the map for me but I am glad you were bold enough to go pretty far out there and find something that worked for you.