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Mud Therapy

It is strange that the really great things in nature are never talked about. Nobody praises cold rain and mud.

It was finally a good day to go mountain biking. I had to cross two wet streams to get to the 'trailhead.' I didn't even know there were dry washes there. But now enough water was flowing that I was forced to stop and study the situation. Recall the old "Do Not Cross When Flooded" signs.

But I did cross because I knew the bottom was gravel. What a glorious thing it is to see water flowing!

After the ride we found ourselves at a local coffee shop, unaccustomed as we are to places like that. Normally I would look up at any kind of shade cloth or viney pergola and admire it. 

But today I deliberately chose a sunny table! 

But exulting is cheap if it is just verbal -- let's do something real to celebrate the occasion, such as putting my anti-postcard policies on vacation, briefly.

And one has to break in a new camera somehow.