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A Movie That Actually Affects People

The other day I thought it strange to be delighted by a consumer/shopping experience, since that has happened so seldom in life, despite the fact that buying crap is really the only purpose an American serves.

Today I was rewatching "A Dog's Purpose." Once again it is strange to think what a big industry movies/television is, and how seldom it really has any effect on us. 

Why then do we watch all this crap? I suppose it is because it is an affordable and easy way to kill time.

But this movie was one of the rare success stories. Let's think about other success stories over the course of a lifetime. Maybe they have something in common.

There have been memorable musical scores for movies that really had an effect on me. Think Bernard Herrman, John Barry, and a half dozen other composers. But "A Dog's Purpose" had no effect on me musically. 

It has been true that 'Boy Meets Dog, Boy Loses Dog' type movies have usually had a powerful effect on me (and many other people.) When you are young, movies about lust & infatuation between a boy and a girl might have that effect on many people in the audience. But it has been so overdone over the decades and centuries, that we have become immune to it. Or maybe lust & infatuation become less interesting to older people in the audience.

I could write a more detailed review of this movie, but the analysis will just kill the afterglow.



Anonymous said…
Thanks for the vote of confidence. Been wanting to see this one but felt it was too soon after the loss of our goldendoodle, Jack. Hachi: A Dog's Tale is one of my favs and based on a true story.