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No Ridicule for Dud Left-Wing Doomsters

The laughter and ridicule aimed at the latest religious doomsday prophet made me sick. It's not that he wasn't a knave and a fool. But at least he accomplished his knavery the old-fashioned way: by talking saps and suckers out of their own money.

There is no accountability and ridicule for the doomsday prophets of the secular Left. Most of them have made lucrative careers based on the taxpayers' money. The most spectacular example is Al Gore and the Global Warming scam.
I know nothing about Dennis Prager as a pundit. But I loved his article this morning on .

Look at the secular Left's knee-jerk response to the recent tragedies of tornadoes hitting populated areas: Nature is punishing mankind for its Sins. Repent (comply with Kyoto, Cap and Trade, etc.) and ye shall be saved!

As long as superstitions have been around, people have been willing to believe that Thor or Zeus or somebody throws lightning bolts down on them. The secular Left is now selling the same old crap in modern clothes. Is there any pseudo-religion more despicable than one that hides behind a facade of science?


Anonymous said…
Here's a question for you: Who owns controlling interest in Real Clear Politics? Here's a helpful hint. His last name is Forbes.

I'm accusing you of what I am guilty of, that is too often agreeing with any source that supports my own opinion.

Tom in Orlando

P.S. I haven't commented lately as I'm busy polishing my credentials as a windshield tourist. We're in a campground tonight that has a good internet connection, so I'm catching up.
Tom, I plead guilty as charged.

I didn't know that was a part of the Forbes empire.

Windshield tourist, eh? Oh dear, does that mean that you'll be starting up a blog soon?
Anonymous said…
As to Blogging, I fear that I have too few original thoughts. Instead, I pepper my friends with photos and travel commentary via email. Not many reply. Perhaps I should take the hint.

Tom in Ten Sleep