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A Lazy Flower-Identifier

Perhaps the reader has known a walking-encyclopedia of flower or bird names.  I have.  Such people really are quite impressive, in a slightly obnoxious sort of way.  And yet, I have never made much of an effort to emulate them.

My mind is already too full of trivia -- that is, useless and arcane knowledge -- usually of the historical kind.  I just don't have the heart for more memorization of that kind.

Still, it gives me pleasure to know that this flower is probably called a trillium:

These were rather small.  I walked by them for a week, a few feet from camp, before I saw them!

You hear so much about "AI" (artificial intelligence) these days.  Perhaps somebody will put AI to good use by making it easier to identify birds, flowers, and trees while you are out walking around.


Wildsider said…
Google Lens does a pretty good job with simple photos.
The flower is a Lyall's mariposa lily, see link.
The link convinced me, Wildsider. Oh well, I am a flunkie at birds and flowers!
Wildsider said…
Species variation can complicate identification quite a bit.
The Google Lens feature will usually give some good matches as a starting point. If you have an Android phone, the feature is probably built in. Look for the little square with a dot in the center. Same with Google browser search.
It will take some field experience to discern the difference for example, between a Ponderosa and a Sugar pine or between a Northern Mojave and Diamondback rattlesnake in overlapping territories. Relevant when seeking medical help.