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"Unboxing a New Laptop..."

"Unboxing" this or that is a standard title for a You Tube video these days.  I am not really sure how this managed to become a standard meme on the internet.  But don't worry -- I won't jump on that bandwagon. 

Still, it brought a smile to my face when I was surprised by a flower that is rare around here, right now, and I thought of a video entitled, "Unboxing a White Flower..."


Oregon Trail country in eastern Oregon is not flower country, right now at least.  But I appreciate flowers when they are rare:

Goodbye to the old trail, for awhile:

And hello to my new laptop.  I was amazed at how easy it was to set it up, but then jinxed myself by exulting over it in a message to a friend.  Then I hit a brick wall: it would not let me switch out of Windows 11 Home "S mode."  (This step had been easy for past computers.)

You can imagine the futility of trying to get some "Support" from a company like Microsoft.  I even started looking at Chromebooks and Mac computers!  Amazon at least tried.  And they were willing to exchange the laptop in question for a replacement. 

But I got stubborn and, completely on my own, went to System, Troubleshoot, and aimed it at the recent Windows Updates.  The problem was instantly solved!  Well, the triumph was fun, but why didn't Microsoft, Acer, or Amazon tell me to use the Troubleshooter.  (This is the first time in my life with computers that a Troubleshooter utility ever helped!)


Ed said…
"... why didn't Microsoft, Acer, or Amazon tell me to use the Troubleshooter."

They are not in the business of helping you with your computer problems. They are in the business of selling you computers with problems so you will buy another one.
Maybe, I can fix my endless problems using Troubleshooter. Thanks for the tip.
Be Safe and Enjoy your new Laptop.

It's about time.
Ed, I wonder if a computer from Apple might be worth the money?
Rick and Kathy, 90% of the time, resetting is what fixes electronics/computer problems. I am surprised that Amazon and Microsoft didn't just say, "you need to start the setup over again." Or something like that. There should be a clickable box during the setup that resets things automatically.
Ed said…
"I wonder if a computer from Apple might be worth the money?"

In my opinion - NO. However, there are Applefans that swear by everything that Apple produces.

My Brave browser AI answer Conclusion:
"Apple computers are worth their cost for those who value reliability, ease of use, and integration with other Apple devices. However, for those who prioritize affordability, customization, and upgrade options, other options may be more suitable."
Ed, If AI can't do any better than that, why is the world so excited about it? Actually they only commit sins of omission, not commission. People pay extra for Apple products because it makes them feel cool. Microsoft products made them feel bland or nerdish. (Think of a photo of Bill Gates.)