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A Fresh New World-Events Channel

It is pretty easy to get tired of hearing talking heads on You Tube discussing world events, even if you respect and appreciate the talking heads.  I wish I could pull a video clip into this blog from the old TV western, "The Virginian."  A chatty cowboy tells his friend that talking is one of the great pleasures in life.  The friend jumps back with, "Yea well, listening ain't." 

Maybe that is why a new channel needs to be found every now and then.  Recently I have done so.  "Useful Idiots" is a great channel, with Katie Halper and Aaron Maté.

They don't discuss world events so much as the mainstream media's spin/propaganda.  Caitlin Johnstone repeats often 'that propaganda is only effective if you don't know it is happening.'  And that is why Useful Idiots is important.  They show clips from mainstream media broadcasts and then break the words down that contain the deception.

The most common giveaway of propaganda is the use of the passive voice: '56 Palestinians Killed at Food Aid Disaster,' would be a standard headline for the mainstream media, as if they died from a natural disaster that struck them at random.


Barb in FL said…
I'm trying real hard not to give that conflict any traction. They kept saying it was their 9/11 and now there is reason to believe that was an inside job. So is this conflict,too? I think so.
It's all about the money. OUR money. Maybe the downfall of the USA.

During the lockdowns when all the newsreaders had on purple or Tiffany blue, and the backgrounds changed to reflect that, something just wasn't right about it. Politicians too. I follow a guy who teaches discernment about what "they" push. If they are wearing black & white, they're playing both sides. Black & red means sacrifice. Tiffany blue & the purples (many hues) working for the globalists, gold now as well. It is amazing how often he's right about stuff. See if you notice it. Once you know it, you can't unsee it. Or how the talking points are the same no matter who's saying it. I feel like most of it is propaganda. Nature seems to help. Glad you're out in it.