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A Small Dog on a Big Land

What a luxury it is to look at wide open spaces, covered by green grass or herbaceous plants!  Locally there aren't too many woody-stemmed plants such as sagebrush.  My little dog can run wild and free, without impaling herself on a cactus or cholla.  If only there was a herd of wild horses rampaging across this rolling landscape!  It's too bad that cameras are unimpressed by gently rolling land.

Here is a video of my little monster playing on some sand dunes along the Oregon Trail:

Not so many miles away, the Oregon Trail cuts away from the Snake River.  A few miles later, it rejoins the Snake.  And then it says "farewell" forever to the Snake.

Of course the pioneers went through this area in late summer when it was parched and barren.  And they described it as such, in their diaries.  How many times do I have to say it?  Get to the northwest by the first of May!


Anonymous said…
Love your little white monster ! And the photos are great also. :)
Barb in FL said…
She sure was having fun. Her face said it all!
Thanks Anonymous and Barb. Dogs don't try to hide their feelings, that is for sure!